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Is it me, or ReactNative just doesn't like working on Windows?
I've tried to get it working a couple of years ago (rn with redux and flux), but without success.
disclaimer: This was before expo (the client) was a thing, and also reactnative itself was really young. Has anyone tried it recently? Any opinions?
Since then I've moved to MacOS, and it worked perfectly (same versions) => not an apple fanboy, so I would like to go back to windows

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    I’ve been developing a React Native app on Windows 7 without problems to be honest, maybe two years ago it wasn’t as easy or well made as today.
    You might want to try again and share with us your experience :)
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    @2lazy2debug hey I just tried it, works like charm. Idk that Expo client is making thing so much easier. Two years ago u had to configure everything yourself (ports, environ.variables, confs...)
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