TXT is a programming language.

Change my mind.

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    I thought TXT was AI + Machine Learning technology.

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    My mind is a programming language.

    Change TXT.
  • 20

    You can start a „Main method“ with „Todo:“ and then program a human reading it.
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    TXT is change.

    Mind my Programming Language.
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    If you're talking about the file extension: it is a file and as such can be used by programs. I won't change your mind.
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    I thought txt was the new up and coming crypto coin 🤔
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    @RemyRm @Floydian you both are misinformed noobs. Get your shit together and learn what's important. Pseudo devs.
  • 17
    @Alice a noob? I'll have you know I'm a level 99 Dev with 5 years of Blockchain experience and 7 years of front-end swift!
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    @RemyRm dude, don't even try talking to me unless you have 10 years of emojicode experience.
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    wait? txt is not the new crypt mechanism for wpa3???
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    If it stands for:
    T: H
    X: T
    T: ML
    The I guess it is
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    @Alice alright you may have won this round! But don't think you can match my cplusequality skills 🧙
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    Word is a programming language.
    Change my mind
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    @Alice what? I already have 5 years of manual testing experience.

    I know my shit.
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    Yes, I code in pdf!
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    @kenogo real pros code their svg, import it and export it as a pdf.
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    Hmm, I have actually coded postscript, it's an interesting language 😄
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    Love is a programming language.

    Change My Mind!


    // and while you are at that, please change my bed as well. thank.
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    I run a blockchain with comma separated values in a TXT. lel
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    A knife is a programming language.

    Change my mind.
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    TXT is just a presentation layout language for Markdown.
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    TXT is a programming mind.
    Change my language.
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    Si this means that Notepad is an IDE?
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    mind is a TXT

    change my language programming
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    Slaps the roof of a threadpool:

    XTT ais prommarging lagaugne. Cgnahe my mdni.
  • 2
    When it rains data in cloud is lost.

    Change my mind.
  • 3
    You are a dick.

    Change my mind.
  • 1
    @kenogo 😂 😂 😂... PDF is a compiler
  • 1
    Maybe you should change thoughts or ideas, Not your MIND.

    Now change my mind.😂😂
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    After years, Microsoft is rebuilding their Windows’ Notpad app with Blockchain. It will also have an AI to autosave files (actually whenever user spends more than 2 seconds without typing).
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    Mind my TXT
    change is a programming language
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