Internet to remain free and fair in India: Government approves Net Neutrality.


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    Happy browsing then!
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    @dmonkey surfing is even cooler!
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    Atleast our govt. still thinks about us to an extent.
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    But you can't buy crypto.
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    Remember when Facebook was urging the dumbfucks using it to send TRAI a letter stating that they support "Freebasics" crap when TRAI had asked for public comments on it? The reply from TRAI to Facebook was savage. Massive respect for TRAI ever since.
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    @exceptionalGuy also whoever put digital India frame (it looked like connected nodes/dots on the tricolor) on their profile pic on fb automatically signed a petition against ban on freebasics. Facebook later clarified that it was a "engineer's mistake" and "unintended"
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    @Root actually, we can, peer to peer. Also, they are reconsidering their decision and may lift the ban and treat cryptos as "commodity".
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    @sifun better, I suppose.

    It would be best if the only regulated things that, when used, were harmful to others.
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