When you provide your colleagues with a simple 3 step manual (< 2 minutes read) to setup the environment but they only do step 1 and call it a day. A few days later you get a call that the system doesn't work and you spend hours figuring why, only to realize they didn't read the instructions past the first point... !!!
I swear next time I'll make one big red button that says "Click here to install & configure & make you a coffee".

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    Welcome and good luck with this "user"!
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    Holy fuck that’s a rant! You don’t know how I am so happy to read this! (You will if you check the rant I just wrote)

    And welcome to devRant !
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    @2lazy2debug Funny you said that, I just commented on it and thought about you with this one! Haha
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    @2lazy2debug haha thanks! Just read your rant and I totally agree.
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