Since I see a lot of mixed opinions all over the place; is Python considered to be a "douche bag" language? :S
It just makes me feel self-conscious since that's the language I'm by far most familiar with... :( Should I consider focusing on another language instead?

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    Huh, phython douchebag?
    What r u talking about.
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    @pollux I just feel like I see a decent amount of people ranting about pretentious know-it-alls who think that they're the shit because they know Python. :/ When I meet new people I really don't want that to be the first thing that they think of.
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    i guess that depends on what you want to accomplish and how you introduce yourself. "hello my name is @Navigatr and i am a python overlord" might be considered douche while just using it for doing your tasks might be considered just fine.

    i guess the ranting is about kids/people calling themself developer/programmer/hacker by being able to print('hello world').
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    @Navigatr But that's not Python's fault, it's the know-it-all douchebags'.
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    @erroronline1 @ethernetzero I do try to avoid that way of introducing myself if I can help it. :P

    It just makes me sad when the dickhead minority makes the rest of the people look like assholes too. It's making me hesitant to show off my own stuff for the fear of coming off that way when I'm just proud of what I've managed to do, especially when being completely self-taught. :(
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    @peacWhis What do you mean with that no one would use Java or JS? :o I think I'm missing something...
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    @Consolelog Oooh, pfff, now it clicked. XD Sorry.
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    Nothing against Python here (other than its indentation and lack of ; but that's just me).. rather I hate the self-proclaimed Python Lords whose code is absolute fucking garbage yet they claim that they can now "hexxor NASA with 1337 ass code" or whatever.. the problem is in it being so accessible, it attracts those "davelupers" with it.

    From what I've read here, you seem to be a cool guy with a good desire to learn and improve. Regardless of the language used, that's a very good developer / engineering attitude - I can only encourage it :)
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    @Condor I am thoroughly flattered! :D I'd love to learn and improve even more, but I don't have anyone to help me with that at this point. :( I just don't know enough programmer peeps, especially none who know enough Python to be able to guide me.
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