Is it worth building a cms from scratch? I know it requires time but thats not a problem for me, well it is but i can handle it.
Or shall i go with some php cms already build or wordpress ?

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    Depends on what you want to do with the website.
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    Wordpress disqualifies you for any valid answer 😉 joomla also 😁
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    @theKarlisK it is a photography website.
    The client wich is my friend want just to post , edit , delete
    Also wants a blog wich again requires
    Post , edit, delete
    Simple but this project will help me in my CV so i want to show my best but also doing it smart.
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    I won't reinvent the wheel, but if it makes me look like i know how things work then i will do it
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    If you have time, go for it, you'll learn a lot
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    i always build from scratch in hope to learn something and to implement new knowledge. to be fair, it's 'just' a hobby. but i think a website with some database/file management/dynamic linking is no sorcery and having enough time it is a lot of fun. beside this you may end up with a good personal cms for future projects.
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    @Clear0Ff it sounds like the average CMS might fit the bill. It'll take some tweaking to get it just like you want it. I have, however, seen self-hosted open source gallery solutions that let you avoid all the hasstle of overhauling or tweaking your CMS to look like a Instagram-like gallery site with blogging features, and instead will let you focus on designing the looks of the website, rather than diving into code. Both are good for learning, o e is more time consuming than theother tho.

    @alice can probably give you some better pointers.
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    I seconded what @sharktits said, you’ll learn a lot of DOM and js tricks, at least that’s ehat crossed my mind when I imagine your project. Also a very good front-end development
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    @devTea funny- first thing that came to my mind was: "just think of all the CSS tricks one could pull off to avoid doing effects/styling with JS".
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    Stay away from wordpress and the lyke if you plan on anything custom. You will ragequit in no time...
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    Got too many friends non programmer who say , wordpress ez pz no stress



    From scratch it will be.! Thans guys <3
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    Try bolt cms :)
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    @theKarlisK well what crossed my mind was showcasing photos and using creating a dynamic page. Ofc using css should be the main way to style the website, but vanilla js actually helps structuring the website.
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    @devTea yeah I know - you gotta have some Js somewhere. I just usually look for ways of how to do stuff in CSS because Js could be blocked on the end-user browser (it is by default for me).
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