I'm not going to lie, the surge of bootcamps really irks me. Not because I'm afraid of competition, or that I'm an elitest. Mainly because a lot of people who attend these bootcamps have no real interest in software engineering. I sometimes attend a meetup, and it's a beginner meetup. I try to help out. And a lot of people clearly have no patience for learning software engineering. I try to be encouraging, but sometimes I just want to be dick and tell them "Why the hell do you want to be a dev, if you're not interested in how computers work".

I'm an 100% myself taught developer. Granted I'm 38 and taught myself programming at 14. But it came out of an earnest desire and love for technology in general. So I never shyed away from learning? C and assembler? Bring it on. Theoretical computer science? I can get with that. For me I loved computer so much, that I was willing to learn about anything in the realm of computing.

This is what annoys me with the adult bootcamp crowd. I feel they're only willing to learn as long as it's easy. If something gets complicated or complex, then they check out. And I a lot of their questions is "tell me how to do this/that". But they don't know why they would do it.

To me it feels like they're trying to fast track themselves to a dev job. Yet you would think if they're trying to do this all professionally, they would be open to learning as much as possible, and not closing themselves off.

My semi-friend who runs the meetup is trying to start a bootcamp himself. So I try I severely hold my tongue when I attend those meetups. And I want to be supportive. I certainly don't want to be the reason why people are turned off by programming. But at the same time, I hate how people are abusing this profession because they think it's fast money and an easy way to earn 6 figure salaries.

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    ppl are horrible at priorities and prediction. can't see the path before them. stupid. so many ppl suk, i dont bother. coming across someone who cares about shit is such a joy, shitty it's so rare
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    The short answer is "geek culture" has become trendy (we can thank Hollywood for that) but being a nerd hasn't and will never be.

    It's hip to attend a boot camp by Karlie Kloss and maybe paste some stickers on your laptop, however most of those guys and girls who do that dont enjoy sitting down on a desk 8 hours a day issuing hotfixes on a remote server.
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    @JKyll this. pisses me off that it's "kool" now. f off ppl, you're making it hard for me to enjoy humans
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    I'm not a fan of bootcamps either. Maybe interestingly enough, I teach CS at private high schools and colleges and the same attitude is there, as well. It's definitely hip to study tech and folks who don't have the temperament or disposition to do it come in with the incorrect expectations.
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    My friend joined Info science engg cuz he thought it wud be "easy money". As a sophomore, he has quit coding altogether cuz he once saw code too intimidating for his level. What trash man what did u fkin think that its gonna be all rainbows and unicorns??
    Will try talking to him soon.

    Its not as easy as it looks and yet, its not as difficult as it sounds.
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