How to get answers on StackOverflow without getting attacked by ferocious developers:
1) Ask your question before 2012
2) Upload as many details as possible. (Send your entire PC by mail is reccomended)
3) Be as specific as possible. Just repeat your question indefinetly changing the wording a little bit.
4) Don't ask for code examples. If you ask stupid questions it's obvious you are an expert developer and know how to implement stuff... right?

Most importantly respond politely to all of these traditional stackoverflow answers:
"Did you at least google it?"
"You need to be more specific"
"We can't spoon feed you"
"You shouldn't do that thing that way, I personally prefere this way and nobody can change my mind"
"You don't have enough experience to do that thing, don't do it"

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    I can definitely relate to the increasing toxicity/hostility on SO in the last few years.

    However the other stack exchanges are a lot more friendly
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    @dakkarant I've had some bad experiences on the electronics one too. The guy even stalked me to a new account on the forum and insulted me on an unrelated question
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    The fun part is that all these assholes with high rep earned their score by answering exactly the kind of questions that they now pick on.

    Since tech moves on, SO is mostly a Q&A site with outdated answers.
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    @Fast-Nop But if you answer an old question you get no recognition at all. And if you ask it again you get blocked for duplicate posting
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    I only use so to read not to post
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    "Did you at least google it?"
    Yes, this question on stack overflow is the first result.
    "Be more specific, you didn't do enough research"
    >edits question
    >closed because it's too localized and unlikely to help future visitors
    >edit question
    >closed because it's too broad
    >edit question trying to be useful and specific
    >closed because it's unclear what you're asking
    >edit question to contain the answer
    >closed because it's not a real question

    stackoverflow can suck dick
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    @dakkarant They're pretty downvote happy... the cure? upvote happyness, go to stackoverflow and upvote all the damage back, help those noobs get unbanned
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    @kreijstal yea the issue is, these days they require you to have a certain amount of reputation to be even able to vote, good or bad. So you first have to post a question...which ofcourse gets shot down because you missed a ' in dont
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