I’m going to my first hackathon in January!
I’m already super hyped!!!

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    But that's in half a year? Nothing more recent? 😀
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    @BigBoo Psssht there's only like one or two a year in my state, and they're always inconvenient as fuck to go to. (Middle of the week during school)
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    @Stuxnet C'mon, it's the digital age. I bet there is a hackathon every weekend you could attend to online. Not really the same thing. But it kinda is the same thing.

    Eating food of questionable healthyness.
    Not sleeping. Coding. Caffeine.

    None of these things require presence.
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    @BigBoo My lack of skills would make me an observer just there for the experience lol.

    Maybe in a few years I'll go and compete in one.
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    @BigBoo not really in my state. I guess I may try to do some online ones to, I was unaware that that was an option
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    @BigBoo "Eating food of questionable healthyness.

    Not sleeping. Coding. Caffeine." aka my life
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    May the code be with you.
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    @Stuxnet You won't learn a lot by watching.
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    wow you really plan your hackathons, last time, I joined 3 days before it started
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    Good luck ^^
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