Whoever keeps sending me emails begging me to send them '100 rupees to flee from the island' is an utter berk. And a thoroughly annoying one at that.

Even if this wasn't complete and obvious bullshit – flee? From where? And what currency is that supposed to be exactly? Indonesian rupees? Indian rupees? Pakistani rupees? …

The only things I'd send them would be a leaky rubber boat or a mail bomb.

At least make a fucking effort, and until then: get fucked.

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    Isnt that like a euro or something?
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    @sharktits Nope, not as far as I know.
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    I wonder if he actually could extort the local bush men with that mail bomb and judging by the news, if you send him a leaky boat, german coast guards will pick him up lol
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    Canadian rupees me thinks
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    Those mofos are worse than recruiters. Luckily I don't have to deal with any of them outside of Facebook. Friends of mine in India apparently even changed my name in their half of the chat to some Indian name, just to prevent their local buddies from being able to contact me about such shit.. quite admirable I have to say.
    As for the emails, perhaps it'd be possible to generate a content filter based on regex, or ask them where the hell they found your email address in the first place, then remove that?
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    @AlexDeLarge it's Indonesian Rupiahs :)
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    @resoftw 😂 who thought he'd reach u here
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    Forward it to me@rescam.org (https://rescam.org)
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    @AlexDeLarge, actually the lack of effort is quite strategic. Since these scams are not targetting specific people, it needs to be dumb and stupid so that the stupidity acts as a filter for anyone with above average computer literacy. If it were a genuine sounding request, a lot more people would respond and the scammer will have to needlessly engage in conversation with people who might eventually see through the scam anyway. Being this dumb, there's a guarantee that if someone falls for it enough to respond, they won't most probably see through the scam and hence is worth the effort of talking to.
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    tell them to poo in the loo
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    @resoftw Oh, right! Thanks for pointing that out.
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    @AlexDeLarge I never heard of the word "berk". A well chosen one!

    These mentally challenged berks only think these kinds of emails work, because there is always a dimwit to fall for it.
    Instead of a mailbomb may I suppose to send a pathogen-infested mail targeted at rupee-sniffing scammers?
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    rupees from legend of zelda?
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