So after stuff happened i found myself having a spare hour traveling to work every day.
I wanna play some games in the meantime but mobile games are garbage.
So my q is, does anyone have a 3ds/2ds, and is it worth getting one? I dont really have a preference in games, but never played zeldas for example, and i thought it might be worth starting with a 2ds (pretty cheap, like 40$). Yay or nay?

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    I'm a mobile gamer here, so no idea about Nintendo consoles to be honest. Most mobile games are crap (Candy Crush, Temple Run etc) but there's one that I've been hooked on since 2015.. Toram Online, and before that also Iruna Online. Both are developed by Asobimo and are MMORPG's. Toram has a pretty good storyline too. Especially Toram is something that I'd really recommend!
    Attached is a random picture of the game that I happen to have on my desktop right now :)
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    I will admit that most games on mobile are way beyond what you expect, he only ones i play are strategic one (for example, i like A Planet of Mine even if it's quite long).

    I am the proud owner of a 2DS, 2DS lite and a 3DS (first gen) and i can say that when you dont have a computer, having retro game such as a nice mario kart/ zelda/ pokemon/ bomberman/ megaman/ profesor layton and others classics then you are really happy. I just put my earphones on with some music from my phone and play on the DS. Ofc the graphics aged but the gameplay is way more interesting and i never experienced the same feeling on a mobile game than on a DS game, they always seems more complete, more challenging.
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    I have a 3ds, get the 2ds. Definitely worth it, and you get the two n64 classic zelda games like Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. There are other good games. Don't know if you are a fan of Pokemon but the games are pretty ok as well.

    I heard great things about the psp vita, there are a lot of jrpgs in there that look fucking sweet.
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    @Condor fuck mobile mmorpgs, the drain battery faster than cinderella midget porn

    @AleCx04 @hube thanks guys, ordered a 2ds with smash and monster hunter stories, ill see how it goes
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    YAY! I've got a 3Ds and a 3ds new XL, the 3ds can handle all 2ds games but it also has the eshop. The 2d for $40 sounds like a good deal tho. I like the old 2Ds games more. I have the classics like zelda and mario kart but I suggest things like Rayman. The games on the nintendo eshop aren't bad, especially since most are free or have free trials (I like this 'cause I can't stay committed to some games for a long time.) Also, if you can get ur hands on like an "r4" where they have all those old games on one card it's amazing (like the gameboy/first Ds games)

    I love this stuff so @ me if you need specifics
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    @digitaldina theres a local refurb shop selling 2ds+2 games for $60, i got 2 zelda games
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    Gonna get animal crossing and a resident evil and im set for the next month or so lol
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    @sharktits sick deal! I get most of my games basically in bulk from a flea market nearby.
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    If you like Super Mario, SM Maker on 3DS is something I recommend. There is countless of user-made levels on it, as well as a good batch of default levels. There are very creative ones and while some are utter shit, others are very well thought and remind me of the good ol' lost levels. Also, some levels are pure puzzles that would shame the hardest Zelda temples.
    And when you're bored, you can always create your own levels and experiment with the mechanics.
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    @Brosyl i dont know if i like sm, only played... well the original one lol, thanks ill check it out
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    They didnt have monster hunter so i got a gravity falls game (i love that show) and been playing all day lol
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