I'm a software developer man. Believe it 😎

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    No a programmer must be capable to fix printers, make your internet faster, hack fb account, and save world hunger
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    @devTea but the main fact is I'm dealing with softwares 😉😉
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    you're THE EXPERT :D
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    Maybe it's just me who's both a mechanic and a dev :)
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    @devTea is world hunger dying out since it must be saved? How do you contribute to that? Like, by eating more pizza and drinking more soda?
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    So can you repair my printer software please?
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    Friend: Hey you know a lot about computers and stuff... Could you hack that facebook account?

    Me: :/
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    This is why I never complained when my uni professors had issues with the projectors and similar stuff. We might be better geared to solve computer issues than the average Joe, but it's a large world and you don't simply know everything because you know something else.
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    As the saying goes, I’m largely just better with Google than many.

    That, and I tend to retain everything...
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    Over the years this I haven't seen anyone post anything like this on any platform. I laughed and laughed
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