I was told by my manager that I should smile more and should always say hi when i meet someone from other department,because that would effect my probation review?!!

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    I mean smile as much as you want, if you got a resting bitch face it is how it is, but saying hi is something I'd always do. It shows respect and is nice.
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    Isn't that supposed to be general etiquette!?
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    Like it or not you work with other people so you need to have at least some social skills (if we could name it like that). It doesn't matter if you have the shittiest day of your life you should still be able to look them in the eyes and say "Hello" or "Goodbye" to people you work around. That's the least you can do and a sign of respect in many cultures.
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    @Nawap Etiquette is relative from culture to culture, workplace to workplace...
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    @Hu-bot0x58 You are right but how many cultures are there where it's not considered rude not to greet a person you work with? Doesn't matter if he is janitor, receptionist or manager from other department.
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    @peacWhis really? you greeting to everyone everyday?
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    @peacWhis do you feel offended if someone didn't say hi to you?
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    @peacWhis A smile, an imperceptible nod, eye contact- that's about the best I can do. My social graces don't extend too far, if it really is a workplace there are probably much more important things on my mind.
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    @starer93 I do greet everyone I meet on the floor and I do feel offended if I say hi to someone and they don't say hi back.
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    @starer93 I'm currently unemployed but yes I do. Not only in the workspace but also at the University (professors, other staff and students I know), hospital, neighbors, retail store, bartenders in restaurant, etc. But that's part of my culture (not everyone do that of course). You would be surprised how much it means to someone else when you greet them with a mild smile or ask them how their day is going. Most of the people appreciate that and you get great service from them in return.

    I dont get offended because I understand we can't all be the same. Some people are shy, some don't like to talk (but they nod their head so it's like they said "Hello").
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    @jonii I always greeting back, so that's not an issue. I mean if you didn't greet in the first place, would you feel offended ?
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    I loathe places where office politics matter more than productivity and talent.

    Backstabbing useless assholes always rise quickest in such environments because that's exactly what such environments reward.

    And the productive, talented people are the only ones keeping such places afloat. So it's best to simply leave when you notice it. People like that will never learn, but it does save you from considerable amounts of misery by leaving.
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    @starer93 seems to me it's not about offending people, as much as actively being nice and pleasant to be around.

    If the manager hears "new guy is always grumpy and just stared straight ahead and ignores me when we pass in the hallway" that comes back sounding like you don't want to be there.

    I'm not much for senseless greetings either, but I do understand it is assumed you will say hi, smile and nod when passing people in the hallway unless they are otherwise engaged in conversation.

    Fwiw it also helps remembering who people are, and it helps make others remember you positively, which can come back to you in a good way ;-)
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