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    forcibly "re-accomodated", rather.
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    Made my day!!

    New features:
    "Drag and drop now supported"
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    You know you've fucked up when stuff backfires even in the form of reviews like this of your app.
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    Hahaha it's the other competitor company who pays him to submit this review..
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    Reviews are a complete joke, always the dumbest people who give the one star reviews.

    I always wanted to build a app called " one star wankers" and just scrape apis and pull in all the one star reviews, there are some ridiculous ones out there never got round to it tho. I think making people feel stupid is a developers best comeback.
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    Well, that sounds like safe airline!
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    @wolt I was talking more about hotel reviews people moaning about a £50 a night hotel because of a hair on their bed spend a lot of time contracting. Sorry I didn't mean to unleash your inner angry dev ;) plus a shit app is a app at least someone is doing something in my opinion (if it's a 100 person company and it's shit it deserves justified abuse) or (if it's one new developer learning the ropes maybe constructive feedback is better) we all have to learn somewhere, if they leave it shit and don't take onboard the bad reviews that's their problem.
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    eeh? Its not possible to remove other's apps on iPhone. And not install either. (and the ToS doesn't allow you to even ask for manually installing a app)
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    Brahhhhhhhhhh, dragged..
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    No rant, no ++
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