Okay lets learn somethin new, maybe make a little game with a new language as a summer project, yeah thats a good idea.

First 3 hours: How the f*ck do you use this motherf*cking function put some god damn real examples you f*cking f*cks, Im sick of your hypothetical ass dripping guides.

Another 2 hours later: After an*l probing the f*ck out of the forums and some tries I finally can make this title flicker...

Wooooorth iiiiit

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    haha its alright, the 'u' in fuck is allowed in here
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    For anyone curious here is the title I changed the flickering into a neon-like fading in and out
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    @Marnsghol so fucking nice, i made smt like that in qbasic about 20 years ago, nice flashback in time, i love it!
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    cd games
    cd walls
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    @BadCompany You probably had it harder than me then with no packed forums to help you, #respect ๐Ÿ‘
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    haha yes, i was 12, pretty sure it took me more than a month, no internet ofcourse but i did had big 900+ pages qbasic manual from the public library with a floppy full of examples at my possession๐Ÿ˜†
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    @BadCompany I appreciate a doc that has lots of examples, truth be told I didn't actually expect qbasic's manual to be that in-depth, now Im curious I think I will check it out
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    @BadCompany Also 12 ? Wow extra respect ๐Ÿ‘
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