Do you work with pseudo-coding in your daily work?

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    No. To be honest, in school I used to write the code solution and then do the pseudocode based off of it, because often the teacher would require some weird ass format for the pseudocode (entirely missing the point that the only advantage to it is that there is no specific format/syntax).
    So it really was just like an esoteric language.

    I'll use it sometimes when trying to describe a solution in a platform independent way, but often it'll be based off a language, or some combination of languages I know.
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    Barely, sometimes I scribble down something that is a bit like pseudocode to work on an idea, but when I really get into planning I make a flowchart.
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    Sort of, we use python.
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    Seldomly. If I have to create a complex algorithm or have a complex class hierarchy, then I use some symbols, more like some kind of flowchart or brainstorming patterns.
    I use pseudocode only when I discuss code with our intern.
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    I have yet to meet someone who does
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    If you'd ever used abap, you noticed that someone implemented the thing, that everybody else is calling pseudo code.
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