Disclaimer: English isn't my mother tongue, so you will surely see mistakes

"We will give you an answer soon" is the best lie from the HR. I'm actually actively searching for a part-time job for the next year, as it's needed for the university. I was currently working for the IT department, already part-time, and the Assistant Director was ready to take me for the next year has a DevOps student.
We were waiting for the approval of the HR, but they were waiting for the Ministry to set the yearly budget.
The HR said that they would come back to me quickly. That was nearly one month ago...
The problem: I need to have the contract signed to have a seat in the university, and they are limited. So I came back to their office to ask if there is some news.

"No, we will get an answer at the end of the holiday." Oh yeah, you REALLY think that I can wait one more month? No, I can't, there will be no seat left in one month.

So now my manager is sending email to all his contact, and I'm currently sending CV everywhere...

The biggest issue is that I'm not a developer, I have very few experiences in development, but every jobs offer are seeking for someone that is coming from a dev school, and less for someone that come from sysadmin school.

So now I'm just fucked, if I don't have a seat, I will need to find a job as a tech (And say bye to my dream school) and move from my current apartment, as it's only for students. (And I have way too much stuff to be able to move urgently)

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    TL; DR: HR said they will give me an answer shortly for a part-time job. Won't get it in time to complete the university registration. Can lose my apartment and my seat at the university.
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    Maybe they can give you a tentative approval, so you can reserve a seat at the university? If shit goes down you still need to look for a job, but atleast you don't need to worry about not getting a seat.
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    @jonii I have already tried to reserve a seat with a letter from the HR, but the only way is to have a contract :/
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