Thanks 🤗

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    Looks like @xewl is also on a ++ spree 😌 thanks bro! 🤗
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    @Condor toilet time, gotta keep busy,lmao
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    Not all heroes wear capes
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    @Condor I'm there for you man.
    P.s- I read all your rants btw but you comment a lot. 😅😅
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    @xewl seriously? 😂
    @theKarlisK they certainly don't! Thanks for the ++ spree as well 🤗
    @drekhi12 fast reader I see 😜
    @achintyakumar please don't beg for ++ 🙏 make good content that people like and the ++ will come on its own 🙂
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    Don't stop the ++ train ^^
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    @RantSomeWhere thank you so much 😍
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    @RantSomeWhere actually the monitor is only 2.99 right now.. perhaps I could buy it to support devRant some more 😊
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    @achintyakumar I didn't downvote though 🤔 admittedly my finger was itching but got my itch taken care of at @RantSomeWhere's rants 🙂
    Also, "make it rain on me (with ++)" well yeah it does make sense in the song context, but the joke was very unclear at first.. at first I really thought that you were asking for ++ to be honest.
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    drekhi12 is the man
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    @RantSomeWhere you're welcome! :D
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    @Condor fast reader just for the rants, I didn't read the comments though too much work. But I trust you. 😎
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