I'm sitting in darkness playing my acoustic guitar because the power cut while I was working on a particularly difficult task. Oh well. Feels nice to disconnect sometimes.

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    I hope you play "hello darkness my old friend.."
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    @ruhe that's the only song I can sing so yeah, I did xD
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    What brand? Nylon? Strings? 6 or 12 strings?
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    @S-Homles your average 6 steel string Squier acoustic.
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    No bad. Solid sound depending on the year and maintenance. ☺

    Mine's an '82 Semi Acoustic 6 Strings Martin D-10

    A late friend of mine left it for me.

    I'm playing a Yamaha for daily/composing, and the Martin for recording. ☺
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    @S-Homles, crap, nice. I had learnt on a Yamaha F310 acoustic. Very nice. I like Yamaha basses too.

    I seem to have switched exclusively to Squier. I'm primarily a bassist, I have a Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass with a few modifications (not that really cheap one, a rung above that), absolutely solid guitar. Also a cheap Squier strat. Very dependable. And a shitty old Aria bass that I've converted into a fretless by pulling out the frets. With a good bass amp and some creative effects you can get surprisingly nice tone out of this gear.
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    @S-Homles that Martin must play and sound like a dream.
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    @angryPete like goddess descent 😊
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    @RememberMe I was trained as a pianist, guitar is my second instrument. I could play drums to some extent, but I'd prefer to leave the drumming to a professional or a sequencer. 😃
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