Programmers are not geeks, we're nerds. This is why we'll never be featured in pop culture.

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    I dont see myself as a nerd, I am a geek and most programmers that I know are neither.
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    Truth has been spoken...
    And Dr. Monroe is its herald... lol
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    @UltraJason The difference i normally hear is:
    - Nerds generally dont like getting bad grades in school and would spend a lot of time to study on something, where geeks dont care when its not their favourite subject. Ex: a cousin of mine would be sad if she got a 9 for any subject (B+ for US standards), where i only was annoyed when I got a 9 for maths when I knew I could do better, but when I got a 2 (F+) for french I was happy.
    - Nerds are less social capable then geeks
    - (maybe cause of the first point) geeks have a few interests they focus on where nerds have a broader scale of things they want to be good at.
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    @Codex404 Guess that makes me a geek then. I'm only motivated to do something if there's a reason for it.
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