What a beautiful day:
Woke up.
Made myself coffee.
Started fixing wifi on my ROM.
Spent entire day fixing it without any luck.
Searched forum for a little error i got booooooooom.
What i dont see. Wifi is dependent on Bluetooth clock. Like wtffffffffff ??????? WHYYYYYY ??????
Tomorrow im gonna test if fixing BT makes it working and if so then im gonna be mad and the RANT will be the best rant you ever got from me.

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    Did you know that Bluetooth actually uses 802.11 protocols?
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    @electrineer Yes i know that. But still why not use independent clock ? Would make it much easier to debug this piece of shit chip. cw1200 and cg2900 are piece of crap. I spent 2 weeks just trying to figure out where the fuck is the issue from stacktrace. It lead me to one function searched it on duckduckgo and i found that Wifi needs bluetooth clock. How fucking awesome is this crap ? NOT AT ALL. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    @Haxk20 Dunno but maybe they need a common clock to stay in sync? Maybe BT uses both chips? I have no idea.
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