You know you did a good job when someone mostly unskilled with computers can figure out a new feature you made without help

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    nice, what u made?
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    Sounds like you're describing most of my old colleagues 😂
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    We're making a marketplace for products, but I was feeling way too lazy to make an admin page. Instead I made the cards editable as an admin with controls to revert, save, delete, and cancel all in the card.
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    @jschmold are you in the internet marketing niche
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    Not exactly. We have members, and those members are creative professionals. The function is to be able to scale your workforce as projects come in, instead of becoming monolithic and unreasonable, allowing you to remain a specialist agency.

    Lets say you're a web dev, and you need a videographer for a project. You hook up with a member who is a videographer, and you work with them. We don't control the terms, you do, but yeah. That's the concept
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