This summer, i will have all the time in the world. I will be finally free (as in, alone at home). And, most importantly, i will have a months old kitten to take care of.

I'm so excited.

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    Lucky you.
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    Already in that state. Feels heaven , especially my kittens ❤❤❤
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    Very nice^^ how old exactly? (And does he/she have a companion? Don't want to bother you, but cats especially kitten need another cat)
    Anyway i wish you all the best with your new furbaby
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    @KittyMeowstika i'm 20 years old, so "home alone" technically shouldn't excite me, but there's still a difference between being home at my tiny student's room or home at my parent's house.

    About the kitten - i haven't even seen her (or him), but we are gonna take one. It'll only be one, like his/her predecessor, but we have plenty of cats in the neighbourhood
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    @git-gud by how old i meant the kitten not you but 20 years is cool^^
    well kitten should never be alone, they need someone to socialize. It's very important for their well being and personality. Otherwise you'll probably end up with a cat who has trust issues/fear of being left behind/difficulties using the toilet etc. (I know what i'm talking about; one of my cats was alone as a kitten. Definitely not a normal cat)
    And on top of that kitten shouldn't go outside right away. (At least 6 weeks indoor, as any other cat, but it is recommended to wait until they are 1 year old)
    May i ask why you decided on having just one?
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    @KittyMeowstika well, simply because neither i nor anyone that had a word in it has ever heard of such problems before. we know loads of cats, most of whom have always been the only cat in their household, and none of them had any issues.
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    damnit, i didn't know there was a time restriction on editing comments! anyways, here goes my "edit":

    also, only one kitten of her/his litter is free of adoption, so we'd have to get a friend from somewhere else. nothing we wouldn't do for a kitten if we knew it was necessary, but as mentioned, this is the first time we hear this.

    some googling later, i've been told that:

    a) indoor cats get bored much faster (obviously), so they should have a partner, and

    b) if you don't spend a lot of time with your kitten, it'll get bored as well.

    ("bored" in lack of a better word).

    seeing how neither of those apply (i will be there almost 24/7 for almost 2 months, and my likewise my parents afterds), it seems to come down to a gut decision. unless you can point me some very experienced cat owners, scientific studies or whatever (gosh that sounds a bit rude. just trying to bring across that most of the "experts" i met online seem to have about as much idea of cats as i do).
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    @git-gud i could point you some nice sites but they would be german (because i'm german and determining the credibility of a source in any other than my native language is still hard for me).

    Basically kitten should never be separated from their mother if they're younger than 12weeks (except if it's necessary because mother's dead or something like that). They get bored really fast if alone (and humans are nice but not a suitable companion; we simply don't speak their language). Adopting a kitten from another litter is normally not a problem and works best if they are both the same age and of a similar character. (They should be spayed neutered asap nonetheless).

    Kitten learn (from), play, cuddle and comfort each other. The basis of their communication skills is set (if they were lucky enough to spend 12 weeks with their mother) but needs further improvement. They need to playfight and keep their place in the hierarchy.

    Maybe your local animal shelter can tell you more.
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    @git-gud oh and before i forget: your kitten would be an indoor cat for at least 6 weeks. Better until his first birthday (and after being spayed and neutered) as i said because he/she has a better chance to not get severely hurt if a fight occurres; this will happen because cats are territorial. So in best case he/she would be an indoor cat for ~9 month. Long time for a kitten. Imho much too long.
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    @KittyMeowstika that seems long indeed. the only danger around here are other cats, though.

    as for german websites, hello fellow german :) gimme everything you've got.

    oh, and for the record - are we talking 6 weeks after adoption, or six weeks in total?
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    @git-gud look into katzen-fieber.de that's a pretty nice site.

    6 weeks after adoption. Reason is the cat needs to "accept" it's new home.
    And cats can be really brutal. Imagine an adult male cat defending it's territory against your Kitten. It could get severely hurt - even die. This is why kitten should be indoors until old enough to withstand other cats and (to eliminate risk of pregnancy/ unwanted impregnation) spayed & neutered.
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    Some more links:



    I hope this helps. If you have any further questions feel free to ask.
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    @KittyMeowstika will do, thanks for the read.
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