Do you know how do you make your linux friend forget something ?
ssh root@FRIEND
*/Enter his favorite linux distro/*
dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda bs=1M
*/Please note that if your friend is not very modern then he might not support /dev/urandom. In this case use /dev/null.
And you are done. Your friend will never talk again.

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    Are you high?
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    @BigBoo NO. Im just having a funny day. Im in good mood and working on few HDDs and formatting them this way so they are fucking clean. So i tought lets create a cool joke from it.
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    @Haxk20 But you aren't formatting them lmao. You are just wiping them.

    It also makes about as much sense as saying I'll break a hard drive by physically destroying it. I mean like. Yeah. If you fill a disk with random data it will stop working. Yepp. That's how computers work.

    I don't see what's funny about it. Sorry for being a downer. This just doesn't do anything for me.
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    @BigBoo I mean they wont stop working. You just clean them totally. even MBR. Then just use fdisk and format it and add partition. That way you have like new HDD.

    And its not totally funny but oh well it seemed funny to me
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    @Haxk20 Yeah. But the previous data will be unavailable is what I meant. I see how my point was unclear. To me it was more that it was so obvious that it was just like.

    I went to the store with my friend.
    Someone ran up and killed him.
    Turns out he died from being killed.

    Not that dd will destroy the disk. Just that it was a bit too obvious.

    If you do this it does unnecessary writes to the disk though. Idk why you would do something like this unless you want to clear out confidential information. And there is tools for doing that because writing random data to the disk once is not enough for forensic data recovery.
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    @Haxk20 Btw I'm sorry for poo pooing your parade. I'll just shut up lol.

    My comments was a bit unnecessary.
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    @BigBoo Actually this is the point of it. Clearing the previous data. Doing it once is enaugh for most data.
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    @BigBoo the time when multiple writes were necessary to be statistically speaking safe from a recovery was 20 years ago 😋

    Today drives are so large and the sectors do tiny, that something like a few hundred random bytes per terabyte could be recovered. maybe.
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    @Haxk20 shred is a command.
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    @olback i see. Well never used it before so no i dont use it.
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