Anytime it is more than 24°C outside, my colleagues insist on working with all door and windows open. I feel like trying to code in a wind tunnel. Picture lamps hanging from the ceiling softly moving. Also we are 50 metres from the train station, so this means we get to enjoy all the announcements.

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    I have got a colleague who still has it cold when its 25 degrees..

    18 degrees is my ideal temperature and anything above 22 makes it impossible to work effectively.

    When he is cold he puts on a coat, after which people turn the airco off...

    Fucks sake guys, for cold you can wear clothes, you dont wantt me to sit naked there right?
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    @Codex404 yeah, I'd considered being there in a hoodie and a windproof jacket. I don't mind naked people around me so your solution works too
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    @halucka I do mind being naked and it doesnt help that mcuh, im still super hot then.
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    Personally anything above 25 is a pain for me, while my colleagues are complaining that 30 is still cold...

    In the end we sit with windows closed with no fresh air or conditioning due to some people being cold.
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