My current project at work: purchase verification, aka anti-fraud.

It's been two weeks, and my boss is flipping out because it isn't done. A robust anti-fraud solution. in two weeks. And he thought one week was a little much.

like, fucking really?

There are companies whose entire service is helping combat fraud. and he wants this done in a bloody week?

What makes me laugh through my tears of frustration is that the company that moved into the previous office? Yep, anti-fraud. Their entire business model is providing anti-fraud services to other businesses. They even tried selling him on it when they moved in. Bossman sales guy turned it around and sold my freaking desk out from under me instead.

But like. They're a small company: they had 9 people when they moved in, and were looking to add three more, so a total of 12 people. (I totally considered jumping ship, but their stack was too different.)

So. Bossman wants me to replace 9-12 people and their entire business in a fucking week. Yeah.

"Oh, but it's just sms verification" says he. What he also wants is the ability to flag users as fraudulent, have sticky verifications so they can't bypass them by backing out, have email checks as well as sms, have deferred verification to allow collecting required info (e.g. phone number), verification fallback, lockouts, manual admin whitelisting, admin blacklisting, and different rules per merchant and rule groups for affiliates to apply to all of their merchants, and of course the ability to customize those merchant/affiliate anti-fraud rules. But he shortens this gigantic list to "I want sms verification," despite actually asking for all of the above. I don't want to know about the mental gymnastics and/or blindfolding required to equate the two, but he's nuts.

All of that.
In a goddamn week.

And I get chewed out when it isn't done? Fuck off.

Go build me a goddamn 5m ft^2 castle out of basalt and marble using only your toothbrush and a rusty garden trowel, and have it done in a week. No outsourcing.

talk about ridiculous.

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    I have quite a bit of it done, though.

    Multiple rules per purchase with their own conditions; the ability to (very very easily) add arbitrary numbers of rules, custom frequency for checks (once, qualifying purchases, every time); deferred sms verifications (telling the client to ask for the phone number), user lockouts, infrastructure in place for more complicated checks e.g. Ideology, reporting, custom rules, ...

    The code is somewhat clean and very well-documented, especially considering the timeframe I've had to write it. (Which has only been a week because of lots of other tasks)

    I still have no idea why he's not using a third-party service for this. 😕
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    Wants a security feature developed in a short time span 😅😅😅

    Maybe what he's trying to communicate is that the only wants sms verification as the most important feature and other features can be delivered later?
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    My current research is actually around fraud detection with machine learning. Any pointers you might need, am here!
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    Don't know about y'all but my boss is a pretty good dev himself so I've got that going for me.
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    @Bitwise 💛 Thank you.
    That means a lot to hear.

    I'm going to take a vacation as soon as I can and start looking for a replacement job.

    My boss recently offered me a promotion, a raise (tbd, but 17% minimum), and a dev team. If the deal is decent enough I may stay until he sells the company.
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