!rant but a story

This happened today. Sorry for long post. A manager from another team in development team, I'll call him junkfellow, called me very very late last night to help them solve an issue in our application's test environment that blocking them from doing testing. They apparently doing integration testing with our application. Now said test environment is not even prepared by our team. We are development team and this test environment prepared by our application's support team. So I politely told junkfellow to get in touch with our support team counterpart as I am from development team. And he began shout at me

me: "With due respects sir I have no instructions to assist you and your team in your testing"

We all know who CW is and he can make some people life very hard and I didn't want to call my boss so late so I quickly went online and spent the next 4hrs supporting their testing. Next morning I told my boss what happened and he scolded me for not calling him last night. He dropped an email to junkfellow's boss about junkfellow being "unacceptable attitude, disrespectful and threatening to escalate my team mates". My boss always refer to us as team mates, not his staff or his team member.

Then in few minutes, someone walking like a school bully with his chest out came to my boss place and announced himself (he is junkfellow). I say announce because he talking like he wanted everyone to know who is he. My boss stood up promptly, greeted good morning, introduce himself, shook junkfellow hand and sat down. Still young, maybe in late 20's or even younger than me. junkfellow talking to my boss loud enough for most of us to hear. Everyone's neck suddenly long like meerkat and listening:

junkfellow looking down to my boss who is sitting down: "How dare you send email like that to my boss? We are both managers you should act like one, you have a problem with me then you talk to me. You don't bypass me and go directly to my boss. You didn't even give me face!"
my boss sitting down: "So you didn't even ask your boss before picking a fight."

*junkfellow suddenly look confused*

my boss still sitting down talking calm with poker face: "I did give you face. You think by going to your boss I bypassed you and went one level up? No I went one level down!"

junkfellow still look confused and then slowly realized what my boss meant. Now he is staring at floor and can't look my boss in eye after he realized he is screwed!

my boss now standing up: "You treat my team mates like that againi or ask them to do something without my knowledge and I will talk to your boss' boss about it"
boss to me: "Hey tollywood! junkfellow here sincerely regrets what he did last night and wants to apologize to you in person" and boss' poker face turned to his familiar smirk

junkfellow immediately came to me, said "it's ok you no need to stand up", he sat down in a squat and apologized repeatedly. He really looked like he was about to cry and for a moment I pity him. But then I remember what he did and I just enjoyed the moment! Was pure gold :D :D :D

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    @CoffeeNcode I do :D and am very lucky
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    So your boss is in a higher position than junkfellow’s boss? 🤔
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    @falmesino yes he is. CW, who is the boss of Junkfellow's boss, is my boss' peer
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    Hahaha nicely played.

    Wish your boss could come and treat a 'shitfellow' here. But in this case micromanager 'shitfellow' is the boss you've to deal with.
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    @rant-ninja that a shame. junkfellows and shitfellows growing in population like rats nowadays
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    @CoffeeNcode @tollywood.

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    Dude....you have an awesome boss...Thug life to him 🤪
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    @rant-ninja @CoffeeNcode he is actually very nice man just no piss him off. Yesterday after junkfellow left, my boss shook his hands and arms like he got goosebumps and said "i really hate using my position that way"
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    @sachin4191 @rant-ninja @CoffeeNcode to give you idea how screwed junkfellow can be:

    In this company all manager levels performance review is done panel review by group of high-level managers like CW (boss of junkfellow's boss). And if you guessed my boss is part of panel you are right :D
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    Looks like I made the right choice by taking a look here on your profile to ++ some rants in return for the gifted ++ spree :) this one went straight into my favorites!
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    hahaha thanks again @Condor. I do love my boss but now our current project almost ending and I will be again paranoid waiting for my boss' remaining revenge
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