Turns out that dropping all tables on the production database wasn’t such a good idea. πŸ˜…

Thank god we had a backup from 10 minutes before it happend.

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    How does that even happenπŸ˜‚
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    I never succeeded in dropping all tables at ones, not talking about production, in my Dev environment, I always fail cuz of relations wonder how people succeed in doing that
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    @ngCry In the most stupid way ever:

    We use Sequel Pro here to connect to databases. So I did have 3 different setups in it (dev, acc and prod). I needed to drop all tables from my dev environment for some reason while working on something with my college. He sat next to me and said: "Hey, you can change the colors of each of these environments so you always know where you are". Great idea, so I did it, but somehow I probably mis-clicked something somewhere which resulted in the credentials of the production environment overwriting these of environment. So after changing the colors of the environments I clicked my dev environment, noticed the screen was green and yet destroyed the whole production environment.
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    And that's why you need to DENY that on the user level for that DB in the first place.
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    @xewl guess what we did today :p
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