Friend : Hey bro I made an awesome program which shows your future wife's name.

Me : Hey that sounds interesting, show me the source code bro !!

Friend shows the code :

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;

int main()
string first_name , last_name;

cout << "Enter your first name\n";
cin >> first_name ;

cout << "Enter your last name\n";
cin >> last_name ;

cout << "Your wife's name is " << "Mrs " << last_name << "\n";


Me : Dude you are gonna crack Google some day :P

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    At least he used /n rather than std::endl.
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    @meladath what's bad in std::endl? That it flushes the stream?
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    I think he was kidding
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    It's a cin to put it in, a flush() to pull it out
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    @7Raiden Exactly. It'd be fine here, but it's a bad habit and can make things rather slow
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    He is right you know :D
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    God Damn I laugh soooo hard at this
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    that first curly bracket looks sooooo lost.... and sad... and cold... and lonely
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    Ported to JS... couldn't resist a round of code golf 😝

    alert(`Your future wifes name is Mrs ${['first','last'].map(a=>prompt(`Enter your ${a} name`))[1]}`)
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    @someonewithpc Well, depending what you're doing :) I never had slow down using it instead of printf!

    Also, prematurely optimizing the code removing std::endl it seems a bit excessive to me! But yeah, I get your point :)
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    @oudalally old school C# (could use some 'var' and string interpolation ;)
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    I can’t stop thinking about that first_name somewhere in memory void. Alone. Without a friend. Surrounded by flashing chaos and confusion.

    He’s just proudly sitting there. Waiting for his purpose. Waiting for his call.
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    It wouldn't work everywhere in the world though :-(
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    @Lezka Shure it would C++ with just stdlib features compiles everywhere!

    Although the above is still customary a lot of women keep there last name these days and men take there wife's name from time to time
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    Admit it, it was your code and you want to see if you are on the right path with your tutorials by asking about peoples reaction
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    This program also predicted your sexual preference
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