Is it bad that even though I am doing computer science in college I still feel like I am missing a lot of knowledge? Like I’ll come out of college without knowing things that people with information technology will know or things that people with computer engineering will know.

I feel like all the job descriptions out there want me to be a combination of CS, IT and CE.

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    Well, personally I came out of college feeling the exact same thing. In fact, I had to take a year off working for a company after 14 months because I needed to 'catch up' because I felt so lost.
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    Thing is - they expect you to research all that stuff on your own (Universities and Colleges) ... as in, they'll teach you the basics, but you should know about all the advanced stuff by researching on your own.
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    @theKarlisK well said bro. Classes are just introductory to subjects.
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    @carlosjpc It's kinda, sorta the common knowlege that everyone keeps saying. I mentioned it as it often highlights the issue of stagnant education system, which seemingly is stuck in it's ways all the while the real world has moved in by leaps and bounds .... and doesn't plan to slow down.
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