Marketing : Do you think we can implement this feature in a system?

Dev : Hmm....*checking specs*...This will...

Marketing : *interrupts* we have already signed a contract with a client.

Dev : ugh......

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    Then the answer is clearly, "No. We cannot implement that."

    They'll soon learn.
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    I once worked at a company and we had an informal motivation and team building day. Some inspirational speeches from important people and whatnot. Now one of the presentations was given by the boss man himself.

    To visualize how we, developers and management, are all sittting in the same boat, he had shown a picture of interlocked clogs and a motor attached to one of the clogs. Clogs and motors represented engineers and motors. In that order!

    I thought he was joking, but he was not. He said, management is the motor. They drive the system and dictate the tempo of how fast the clogs will spin. And the engineers have to interlock and allow to be driven by the motor, make sure everything runs smoothly.

    I was furious. In what sense are engineers NOT a driving force? I did not see managers creating anything back then, nor do I see it today at other places.

    By the way, we had exactly the same stories as you. They would sign contracts and THEN talk to engineers about feasibility 🤯
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    This is a trap, marketing does not sign contracts with clients.

    You are welcome.
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    @paranoidAndroid engineers, specialy coders, are labour, it does nlt matter what you think.

    Managers manage, engineers engine.
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    I think maybe you mean, "cogs." Clogs are a completely different thing. :)
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    Hell, I'll build near anything as long as I'm also given time to address the inevitable mountains of tech debt that will need to be paid down.
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    @bahua damit, I do! 🤪😡
    Now it makes no sense at all
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