I tell a designer at the company to take a look at a (huge) corporate web project we're currently building. He's not assigned to the project, but I thought a fresh eye and recommendations could be good for future Sprints, since we're doing a first release in a month.

The guy knew all of this, yet his "designer a.k.a artistic spirit" couldn't hold him from sending a UI/UX review to the PM, of about 6-7 pages or smth - I dont even remember now.

The whole report had a total misunderstanding of the business logics, because he didn't even wait for me to explain that shit to him. Eventually his versions of UX suggestions were irrelevant. It was pretty funny, now that i think about it.
I'm guessing he just hoped to get some attention...?

tldr: its fucking disgusting when designers try to act as artists;

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    Lol. Even worse situation is in my past work, ux/ui guy is taking few months for redesigning ux/ui for iot platform. Refuses to make a flow chart and every meeting we used to be confused by his designs. Hes 36 years old and is stuck in his own ways.
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    My experience: don't ever bring in a designer without setting very clear boundaries. If it's someone you don't know then assume they don't stick to the boundaries, and in which case give them as limited info as you can.
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