I am using Dell Insipiron 7567.
I have dual booted my rig with Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10.

Right from the start itself I couldn't get to the screen of trying or installing with default settings. I had to use 'nomodeset' with 'quiet splash'.

Even after installing I had problems. After some hours of searching I found out that installing Nvidia 390 driver would remove the bug. It did. But my rig heats like shit. And throttles very much. Where as I am not using anything other than

Which i think is very normal?
And looor of battery drain.

I used to get around 3-5 hrs of battery life in Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 but now its like max 2 hrs.
Which is bad I guess.

I switched back to "X.Org X server" driver with "nomodeset" (without nomoseset it will load upto login page. Once i hit enter it gets stuck) it boots up but can't change the level of brighness or can't do anything related to display setting. Temperature has reduced but sacrificing on display settings.

Is there any way to remove this bug?

And additional infos

Graphics in about shows something like "llvmpipe (LMVM 6.0, 256bits)"

Guys do respond please?

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    Just now got another glitch where. It won't load after suspending! 😐
    With driver as x.org and nomodeset.
    It worked well with Nvidia driver! 😐
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    I don't know a good fix but as a temporary fix you could try to disable your external GPU (the nvidea one) in your BIOS. This could fix it.
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    Switch to linux /s
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    @8BitOverdose I did try that. But Dell Bios has no such option. Is there any other way to disable it?
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    Are u on a laptop? If so, u probably have Nvidia optimus.
    To work with that, I suggest u install something like arch Linux (Arch is the only distro which worked correctly with Optimus for me) and follow the antergos wiki page for hybrid Nvidia graphics (bumblebee).

    Using bumblebee, it will automatically start the Nvidia card when needed (usually takes a command line option) and all the other times, it will be off so battery should not be affected.
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    @acnair apparently not:

    After reading the link above I don't know if there even exists a solution for this.

    Anyway, if you can't seem to solve the problem I advice either Virtual box or another distro.
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    @dontbeevil triple boot? πŸ˜‚β£
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    @8BitOverdose that link is useless to me. What I meant was it's not gonna fix the problem.
    Yeah probably i will have to find something.
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    @Electrux ooohk. That's intresting lemme check if I can get it done in ubuntu! 😁
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    @acnair ok good luck man 😁 (although honestly idk if that can happen considering Ubuntu uses a little bit older software versions...) Good luck nonetheless! Do tell if it works on Ubuntu 😁
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    @Electrux sure! 😁 thanks
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    @acnair glad to help 😁 lol I had one hell of a time to get Nvidia Optimus working with Linux until eventually I stumbled upon this solution πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
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    @Electrux it worked. I can now choose which one to use. i.e Intel or Nvidia. Thanks for the idea.


    I followed this link btw. It's from 2016 but works. 😁
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    @acnair awesome! Congrats and have fun dude! Although i'd be weary of hibernate and sleep... Those didn't go well for me... πŸ˜…
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    @Electrux even that works perfectly alright. 😁
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    @acnair then u, my friend, are lucky 😎😎 have a good time dude 😁
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    @Electrux maybe not that much. I turned my laptop on again. In the graphics section itsl used to be intel one till yesterday. But now i turned on my pc again it has come back to llvm shit! 😢😐
    My brigtness thing wont change.

    Is there anyway to undo all the things I did. I can't use the nvivdia driver from additional drivers. It says something like "continue using a maually installed driver"
    I have attavhed an img. Do check that.
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    @acnair hmm that's weird... I have never used the drivers like that so I do not know how to remedy that but it seems like the proprietary Nvidia module is not running... Perhaps the driver is corrupted or something? U might wanna see in journalctl or dmesg if it is even running or halting on boot or something? πŸ€”πŸ™
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