Consultant: "you should deploy a website. Use wordpress and have a draft ready in a few days. It's easy."

Me: "It's a static website, a one-pager even. I think we would be better served with something light-weight without a database."

Consultant: "99% of the websites in the entire internet are powered by wordpress. It's state of the art, you should use it"

Me: 😢 "Nooo, it needs mainentance and stuff. Look, XY is much simpler. You can even version the static site with git"

Consultant: 😤

We ended up with wordpress for our static website now. I am so proud. I absolutely love wordpress. It is amazing. Now my static one-pager can have plugins, multiple users, security issues and all that. The future is now!

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    You must be one lucky developer lol
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    Wordpress - state of the art, 99% of websites use it.

    And 1000 hilarious other jokes without any phisical proof.

    People please stop making up the data it is unprofessional and stupid.
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    @Gregozor2121 That dude must have read a blog post with the title: Why Wordpress has taken over the internet

    Or any other stupid title like that
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    Why you should even use something for a static 1 page website? Lol just modify a bootstrap theme and you finished in 30 minutes and without security issues
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    @crisz I like the tidyness of static website generstors. Able to separate theme and content nicely, can add plugins for the '"compile" step etc.
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    @crisz lol or use a static site generator like Jekyll or Hugo
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    Whoa. It hurts me physically, can feel your pain in the arse
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    @mjones44 jekyll is what I would have used ❤️
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    Call these people on their bullshit, ask him to explain why it’s better, and no plugins are not a good reason as nobody likes magic in their code, and good luck when someone remembers to add malicious code to your plugins.

    I really think the Wordpress people are ripe for a major malicious plugin that sets up global keyloggers
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    @paranoidAndroid I haven't actually used Jekyll but I've got a few Hugo projects for documentation and stuff
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    Nuxt generate and hook up some headless CMS later if needed
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    Your consultant probably didn't like the git idea because he doesn't know how to use it. :)
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    @HollowKitty oh no he knows git very well. He loves it in fact. But ut wss not his idea...
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    Shit consultent XD
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    If you really want study try grav for one page ... Else use html css only
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    Netlify : 🤔

    GitHub Pages : 🤔
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    World demands shit today ya know
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