how do humans debug a 180 lines stored procedure :/ ?

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    they dont write stored procedures lol
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    First debug only the four lines.
    Secondly debug the rest of the goddamn 174 lines.
    Those last 2 lines are never buggy.;)
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    "how do humans debug a 180 lines stored procedure :/ ? "

    The standard industry practice way is to do it with a lot of profanity followed by a silent prayer for an office fire.
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    180 lines... that's so adorable! In an old job I had to edit one that was over 1000 lines.
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    You haven't seen anything. I hate to brag about this, but unfortunately I've seen some really long procedures. :(
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    I don't around line 90 cuthlu snores and your head explodes
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    @ridecar2 I forgot what that procudere does before reaching line 100 :/

    it is hard to debug because you can't see where did the error happen.

    I had to copy a few lines at a time and execute them, check the result and copy into the next chunk of lines.
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    I feel your pain, that is why I am so glad that I work with Entity Framework in my latest project. No SQL in sight...:-)
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