Modify the front-end code and noting change.

Empty the cache... ✔️ not work
Check xampp open... ✔️ not work
Check my sass compile... ✔️ not work
Compile vuejs webpack... ✔️ not work
Check my laravel route... ✔️ not work
Check with Xdebug... ✔️ not work

Go get coffee... ✔️Not work

See the url on stagging.<website>.ca in my browser ❌

😲🙄😅 Holy fucking retard i am...

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    I clicked on [read more] hoping to find u restarted everything 🤣
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    @oudalally oups miss type staging

    i have

    ->staging environnement (server where client can talkshit about my work XD never OK for client)

    ->production environnement (Online website when client stop crying like a baby)

    ->local environnement ( on my pc where magic appear)
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    @diobert FU for that
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