Whoops 😂

  • 5
    Why does the middle guy seem so sick of their shit
  • 0
    Whats this thing with the ears?
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    It's a trap
  • 3
    Seems kinda uncomfortable. And, you know, misogynistic.
  • 1
    @hexc I think you're thinking about the wrong kind of Asia 🤔
  • 9
    Dunno how these guys feel, but what would me cheer up the most is if management fired the girls and gave me the money that was wasted on them.
  • 0
    That would be fucking annoying...
    It's one thing if some one looks over your shoulder... But another if they are 'cheering' you... A fucking distraction is what this is.
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    I'm packing bags, moving to China....
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    *waiting for the devRant sex-war II as happened for the exact same image*
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