Funny how people freak out when I offer free stuff (in exchange for feedback) as I introduce myself as the CEO.
But when I tell them that I'm a developer, they all accept it without a single doubt.

Since I'm doing both, I can call myself whatever, but this just shows how little trust people have towards management of ANY company. So I can't really blame them.

CEOs, please stop being fucking greedy and do something that can change the life of at least one person in a positive way.

My vision for this startup is to produce as many opportunities for people so that they can feed their family and have a place to call home.

Edit: I've seen this one CEO buy an expensive car on company lease when he received an investment. Guess what his employee told me next. I fucking LOL'd.

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    The employee got fired because they couldn't afford him anymore?
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    sounds like clickbait "and what happened next will astonish you".

    Most CEOs make at least one person happy, themselves...maybe even a significant other, so two people!
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    @hube Haha good one. The company went into dissolution, but if I remember correctly, he moved on to another job.

    @BurnoutDV And here's how my aunt lost 50 KG in two weeks!...kind of stuff?

    Anyway, I wonder if some of these people can even sleep at night.
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