Lazy piece of shit deliveryman simply stating that nobody was at home when in fact, the only person that wasn't there was him. No bell was ringing and my phone didn't receive any calls either. Customer service wasn't even that surprised when I asked them about it.
"Yeah, I tried to call the guy, but he wouldn't answer. I'm gonna try sending him again"

Boi, just yeet that bitch from your business!

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    I was slighly too fast
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    I recently waited for a package and it just didn't seem to want to arrive, so I checked Amazon's package tracker, and it said it had been delivered, which it obviously hadn't. I didn't even receive a note about it being given to a neighbor or something. I still checked very neighbor and nobody had it, so 4 after it had been "delivered" I had the idea to check the package tracker if the delivery company, and what did I see? They brought my package to some store for me to pick-up, but didn't think to notify me. Worst thing: I had to get it that day, because it had been there to long and they would have send it back.
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    @david-hil They topped it off saying my address was unknown. Just wow. That's the best excuse yoy could come up with?

    How did you know I wasn't home when you don't even know where my home is¿
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