I just wanted to transfer my domain from domain operator dns to other dns provider.
Now I lost control over my domain and it redirects to those fuckers website.

I thought fuck them, this is their last fuck up so decided to transfer domains from this piece of shit provider to any other.
It turned out you need to send request using post office or visit their office by yourself to get EEC (authinfo) code
Their office is 300km away but cause it’s fucking faster and more reliable then waiting a month for their mail with fucking numbers I will go and do it next week.
Let the fucking hell begin.
I hope those motherfuckers would food poison and shit themselves into their beds till end of their fucking life.
Fuck those fuckers.

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    Please name and shame those fuckers so rest of us don't fall into their trap.
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    @HoloDreamer well I want to make my shit resolved first
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    @vane I'm also interested in the name. Wouldn't want to have the same thing happening to me too.
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    @Jilano Probably you won’t it’s local polish operator I will put the name when I resolve my issue cause of potential fuckers reading it, I am moving out my domains from polish company as they don’t respect customers. I registered my domain something like 12 years ago and back then and it was quite ok.
    Recently they started to behave like they own all domains I purchased from them and can do whatever they want. Now I know why, because they keep them behind fucking post office firewall. So fuck them.
    I am also considering to put some official paper to government agency that deals with customer problems. Well they at least gave me cause.
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    Bring them donuts 😊
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    @vane I'm a bit reassured, thank you, but sorry it happened to you
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    @Root Yeah always be nice, that sometimes piss people off :)
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    @vane Re-read your rant, silly. You missed something.
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