I was sick the entire week, told my boss about it. I was really enthusiastic about the work and also didn't want to let other people down, so I went, even though I didn't have to.
Today this asshole screams at me for being late and goes on about the broken trust between us etc.
This motherfucker. I showed up, for a whole week, in pain, despite not having to do so. I had to punch the bathroom walls for ten minutes in order to get rid of all the anger.

Never do more than required, it will absolutely come back to hit you.

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    See that's where you're wrong (your TLDR).

    Your boss obviously doesn't seem like a cunt, as they were willing toet you stay home. So you likely made a good impression with them, and they'll remember it.

    Sure some dumbfuck of a coworker doesn't know it, but why does their opinion even matter? They're not a superior.
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    is that asshole your boss or some random?
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    @Stuxnet oh hahaha
    I meant the boss. He's the one who screamed at me @lsd-and-monads
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    Then you should immediately start spreading your CV around.
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    a) Fuck that guy
    b) That's what you get for not removing your tonsils xD
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