I was just listening to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on YouTube while brushing my teeth and tried to adjust the volume on my phone but instead accidentally locked it. Then the fingerprint scanner refused to open the phone again, so I turned it the right way around, accidentally removing the electric toothbrush from my mouth in the process, spraying toothpaste and saliva all over my screen like a giant fan.

When I finally unlocked my stained phone, how did YouTube react to my blood being ready to boil?

“Wish videos kept playing even when you close the app? Try YouTube Premium for 12,99€ a month.”

I wanted to drop my phone into the bog and walk away singing Fucked With an Anchor.

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    I love that show
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    I have no problem with premium features. Downloading videos for money i can understand. But locking the most basic feature of 'continue playing when phone is locked' is just the work of assholes.
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    Great show!
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