I have a dual boot on my portable computer, (windows + linux) I was feeling very bored and so I decided to boot on windows to play some games... Wrong idea !

1) Windows anniversary update
- took 1h to complete
- rebooted 3 times... and each time I forgot to select windows instead of debian in grub
2) Video card update
- It was using the integrated graphic card instead of dedicated GPU in games...
- It reseted all my very specific configuration (basically max perf, min quality) to factory default
3) Couldn't play any multiplayer game cause I'm on wifi and the connection sometimes drop

Not sure why I keep this windows partition :/

Before you tell, I tried wine, my games are not supported yet :(

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    Paperspace + Parsec, sir. Kick that windows boot to the curb.
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    Lookup Level1Linux, there you can get excellent help for gaming on linux (even for newly released window titles)
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