I really suck at math rip

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    Practice makes perfect. There are very few people who are naturally talented at math, most of them are just people who meet a certain threshhold of intelligence (reasonably smart but not as high as you think) and worked at it. Not RIP just a chance to get better at something, if you want to. :)
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    Also Maths have lots of branches. For example, I don't like calculus but I really like statistics and discrete maths in general.

    If you find a specific subject you like most, you'll be very competent at it if you practice a bit because you'll do it with enough motivation.
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    Don't worry, there are plenty of other things you suck at, too.
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    You dont suck at math.
    People failed to educate you.

    There is always a way to simplify ALL of mathematics and phisics unfourtanetly that takes energy and knowlege from your teacher so you can see public school teachers wont bother.
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    I also struggled a lot with math in High School. Idk where I went wrong. My whole life it just made sense to me and I always got 80%+ then in 9th grade I started getting 60%-ish and then 10th grade onwards I was pretty much failing. I tried, and went back and forth with older work and I could just never find the spot that I missed something critical. Think I've developed a mental block about math now. Even the stuff I used to be good at I can't do anymore.

    People always be like "But how can you be bad at math and be programmer" *facepalm*
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    60% of the people do. Luckily I'm in the remaining 50%
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