filters on Web version.

Oohoooo!! Thanks David and Tim :)

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    Wow, that was quick :) Thanks for noticing!
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    @dfox Don’t forget he’s a tester :)
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    @Frederick @2lazy2debug @dfox

    Or maybe ma lyf sukzz and i wastz it on intarnet all dae... :'(
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    We also fixed your typed comment disappearing if you misclick off the modal, so hopefully less frustration on web
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    @dfox @trogus well done guys! I guess that one idea and other User-Script can retire now 😊
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    @trogus @dfox Oh man my only two frustrations with devrant fixed at the same time! I didn't know Christmas was moved to July...
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    @trogus Finally. I have lost countless comments because of that. Hahah...

    @JoshBent Your jobs at risk now bruh.. haha :P
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    @Floydian hey, I enjoy doing those little scripts to fill, until devrant has them natively :)
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    @JoshBent I was joking dude :/

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    @Floydian I know you were, didn't take any offence 😊
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    @trogus That! That is my life savior! I gave commenting on many things after having my comment gone after clicking outside that modal by mistake lol
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    Big great thanks to u. Live long and prosper, guys! 🖖🏻
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    @Floydian not funny but thanks for trying
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    All bow the Testicleman .. oops I mean Testerman.
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    @cursee Sorry.. But will a bow in the testicle works man?

    I promise to pay more attention to instructions from next time
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    @JoshBent Now that you're free, I have this idea for an app... It's kind of like Instagram, but better... I can pay you in shares of my startup.
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    @gitlog a bow is probably alright. a bowl is probably not. huehuehue.
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    @bittersweet too many red flags 😰
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    You can just get started today if you want, we'll work out the details later, just check this "Instagram" website and use that for inspiration, should be fine. I'll set up a WordPress for PR and make the first blog article.

    My startup is cool though, you can work from home whenever you want, and we have tabletennis (The office is in my mom's storage unit). I don't have a designer yet, but my nephew has a Photoshop license we can borrow.

    I expect profit in two months, so then I'll pay your salary. Until then, could you chip in $100 for a beanbag? I really want the office to have a beanbag.
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    @bittersweet This is too accurate, fucking storage unit is where I absolutely lost it 🤣
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    What's wrong with my storage unit? All internet entrepreneurs dropped out of college to start a business in a garage, and look at them, all billionaires!

    I'm telling you, man, we are going to get so rich...

    So a few more details: It's basically Instagram, but for cats, and we are going to use AI as well (haha I mean you, I can't write the codes, I don't know how you guys see anything in those symbols). What do you think?

    PS. I'm going on a business trip next week to build product presence on Ibiza with a friend, but you can send the prototypes Friday, when I have hotel WiFi again
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    @bittersweet How big's the storage unit at least?
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    It even doesn't properly works.
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