Manager: How much time would the team take to implement this new thing?

Me : Atleast 4 months

Manager: No, we do not have that much time.

Me: How much do we have?

Manager: 45 days

Me: . . . . . .
Me: Who set this deadline for a research project?

Manager: I did, I already committed to the upper management as well.
Me: *fml*

And this people is why I have to give up on weekends occasionally!
*tries to hide pain*

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    thanks for asking after you communicated
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    "We'll maybe you should give a hand, then."
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    Time to brush up your resume. Just because this kind of behavior is common doesn't mean it's acceptable and it's never going to change if we all just roll over and take it.
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    Manager: No, we don't have that much time.

    Me: Then why the hell did you ask?
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    When this happens, I usually just take the time I said I needed to finnish, and when the deadline is crossed I blame the manager and say I need more time
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    @theMaintainer That is quite practical.
    On the contrary i think i will convey this directly to the manager tomorrow. He is quite a great guy except for when it comes to setting deadlines.
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    @sudocode If you're able to educate him that'd be for the best.. The fallback is just being passive aggressive and not accepting short deadlines xD
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    What if you say you will not do it because of the lack of time?
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    I suggest you to not sacrifice your weekends for some other guy's recurring mistakes or he'll never learn to treat you better.
    Smile, say "you have made a commitment already. So, I'll try to push it but I can't guarantee anything." and then take your sweet time.
    You get to keep your weekends, job and teach him a lesson.
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    I have when managers commit to deadlines without even discussing it with the developers or at least know how long does it really take!!
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    Giving up your weekends to cover for someone else setting unrealistic deadlines is not a sensible idea; you help to reinforce that behaviour - after all, if you've given up your time to meet this deadline you're going to do it again.

    Do as much as you can in the time allocated, and if challenged why the project isn't complete be honest and say why.
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    @IceFreak2000 @imdnxt I see how true that is. I think communicating clearly with what is realistic is the best solution. Besides one cannot write efficient code when they are not well rested.

    P.s. : I have given up on coffee so yeah.
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    If it was me it would be like that:
    Me: Oh really? So you need to change it.
    He: We can't. We need to do this in 45 days.
    Me: No.
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    @h4xor Yeah, that is a good one.

    Manager: We can't. We need to do it in 45 days.
    Me: Nope. *You* need to do it in 45 days. Next time, you ask us first and then *we'll* need to do it by the deadline we agreed.
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    Tell upper management that middle management guy is a „loose cunt“ and you will need more time.
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    Time to leave company
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    "Deadline? What's a 'deadline'?"

    Basically my company's motto.

    When everything's urgent, nothing is...
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    @ajaynaruto I think escapism is not a good mindset here. There are only so much companies I can leave and situations like these are actually common everywhere. Finding a solution is a better idea l.
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    Time to apply for another job. When you got one just straight up leave and let your manager crap his pants because then (s)he doesn't have a developer who can finish it. Ultimate payback. No job should force you to work in your weekend unless you have your own business or that has been layed out in your contract.
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    I would have responded, "sucks to be you. I wasn't kidding when I said four months. This project will not be done in six weeks, and that's your fault."

    Though of course, mgmt softs will then think it'll get done faster by throwing more people at it. They're idiots.
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    @bahua "what one engineer can do in two weeks, two engineers can do in four weeks."
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    For anyone interested in an update, I had a conversation with my manager and got to change the pipeline which fits well within the time frame for a beta version.

    Therefore, still managing to come up with something in 45 days while taking my time for a final version.

    Also, i get to keep all my weekends with me which is fine as heck 👌
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