what happens with girls here? a guy asked about @alice, another guy about @sinacutie, because they aren't online from some time. it is something i need to know? i am new here and it feels a little creepy

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    I suppose they married and got kids

    There's no more reason to leave devRant
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    We respect them and love them @zalice @alice @devtea

    You will also find a woman who has been coding since 1980. Respect.
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    @crissupissu @nemyxa Please don't spit out nonsense if you don't know well about them
    alice went on a short break, came back again
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    It’s normal, your friend went missing so ofc you ask where they went

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    @CozyPlanes just stupid joke, that's it
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    Special treatment I guess.. personally I like to playfully flirt here and there occasionally but that's about it. As for the likes of Alice (not sure if SinaCutie ever left?) I highly respect their skills and regard Alice as a friend :)
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    Nothing creepy about it. They're just extremely active on here so it's easy to notice when they're missing for a while
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