Weird metro experience just now. Its a usual, busy friday morning, and i realized my metro card balance is down to 0. So went to the card counter, only to find a long long line. Fortunately, a person i know was between the starting 4 , therefore i got into the starting of the line.

When i my turn came, this hot slim lady(/aunty?) Of 25-26(or 30-35, god that makup!) Just barges from nowhere, pushes me aside in a triangular corner and places her card there. Of course my card was already with the guy at the counter, so i didn't care, my card will be recharged first.

The problem started when he gave my card back. The hot lady just covered the whole path, and i was struck between the two walls and her ... Er...ass(not literally, but her back was just touching the third wall. I loudly said "Excuse me", and she said "of course", but the lady had er, bigger assets than she expected . So i tried to get out, but yeah there was some unintended pressing, not my fault!

People need to either know their ass sizes or don't have to push others in tight corners. I hope she didn't felt junior Lannister :p

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