Tried the "Ubuntu Bash on Windows" feature today. After restarting the computer for about 300 times (needed to install the whole anniversary update too) i could finally use the bash, resulting in crashing after the 3rd command being entered.
Simply creating a symlink (Windows ssh folder to the home folder) brought it down to it's knees, resulting in being unable to restart the whole thing at all.
Gladly I was able to restart the computer again for about 300 times (it's a windows feature, reinstalling is again a restart parade).
As it worked by then I noticed, that the mounted windows ssh folder contains files with 777 permissions, which you can't change and are thus unusable by the ssh command.

So long story short, today I was able to look at my computer being restart ~600 times for one hour with the result that I'm still sticking to Babun (and sometimes Putty)

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    600 times in an hour !!!! either that means windows boot in 6 seconds ( give or take) or you machine has some balls (like processor and ram and ssd)
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    btw welcome to devrant
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    @rookiemaverick now i'm curious if I may be able to make the restart within this time window. on a second thought my ability to count might have been limited by my anger at that time. Thanks for the welcome though ;-)
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    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my friend(ms fanboy) on his surface, oh wow now bash is on windows let's do it, since i use ubuntu he handed me to try, i did ls, nothing, again did ls nothing, then i said, friend i'll gift you most valuable thing in the world, i installed git, boy what a life saver that tool is for me when i'm on windows, i think ms tried hard to force devs to go gui way, and since linux and mac didn't force anything, cli won the battle
    #justMyOpinion i neither love linux or mac nor i hate windows
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    All I wanted from the Bash support on windows was better Npm/nodejs project support on windows. considering how much better tooling and Npm itself works with windows in the last 6 months...
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    It's weird you got issues. I'm even running the XFCE session of xubuntu with an x server. Everything fine.
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    I like bash on windows. But it's such a big pile of buggy poop it's wasting time.

    But with a mix of conemu a ohmyzsh it's at least a quarter useful now.
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