Everyone here deals with recruiters.. I get it can't be an easy job but can you at least see where I work at currently??? Im actually one of the devs that take the time to thank you for reaching out even if I'm not interested. Please extend the same respect for my time as I do you.

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    Hahaha that's brilliant!!!
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    Lmfao this is hysterical.

    Send them my way! Let me see if they'll hold the position open for me until I graduate in four years 😂😂😂. I wanna move to Charlotte anyways.
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    Oh and welcome to devRant OP!
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    @Stuxnet but you will probably need 10 years experience in a language that got Developed yesterday and they will only want to pay you half a shilling for it. It's the same old shit with these recruiters/companies.
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    True, that's why I avoided the big companies for a while. It's gotten better in my experience though. Companies around here seem to understand if you want great talent byou need to pay them @pretzlerich
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    Thanks!.. and come on down man, tons of jobs. Hit me up when you do and I'll introduce you to some folks. Devs got to stick together ✊🏼@Stuxnet
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    @devhulk I'm trying to figure out if the Triangle or Charlotte will be better.

    Personally, as a huge sports fan, it's Charlotte hands down. But the triangle has a large variety of jobs. Oh well I have some time to work this out lol. One thing I do know: I'm getting the fuck out of where I'm from.

    But that's pretty sad. I get they probably want to send that to as many people as possible, but a simple Google of the name shows they work at Duke already.

    (Side note, I think I saw another dev here that works for Duke as well. I remember seeing it in a person's bio)
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    Thats fine I posted it on LinkedIn as well lol. I try to rant respectfully. We probably have a lot of Duke folks on here @Stuxnet
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    I get this shit all the time. I work for a large company, and get messages from recruiters all the time about contracts for this same company, that pay less than my current FT job. Why would I even think about it?
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